Founded by two sisters of Jamaican heritage who've a shared passion for great food, drink & hospitality, IRIE & CO aims to create an unforgettable occasion. 
This family run business invites you the customer to experince refined versions of popular Caribbean cuisine, in the swarve settings of Nottingham's Lace Market. Lets face it, cocktails improve almost any occasion. 
If you own a pair of ears you'll understand the importance of music. As do we! 
With a credible audio setup, quaint stage and intimate setting at hand, live musicians & vocalists will come and go most weeks to energise the event of dinner and drinks. 
A huge amount of enthausiasm, commitment & energy have been expelled by our great team to create what we have so far. With a view to grow in the future! 


IRIE & CO you will enjoy our tasty cocktails we specially chosen from around the Caribbean Islands.  



We are offering 

IRIE & CO is a food lover’s fantasy in a one of a kind setting, located in the heart of Nottingham. Our ambiance will give you a feeling of swaying coconut palms and starlit sky. Complementing the delightful island ambience in a culinary experience. Our team works together to serve our customers by offering a warm welcome and good service. The chef’s at IRIE’s offer a high standard of culinary skills and takes pride in presenting all of our dishes. 
We offer you a true Caribbean beach bar experience with great food and unique drinks that brings people back time and again. Our love of good food, music, and fun will make you want to permanently change your watch to IRIE & CO. 

IRIE's Menu 

“Our food conceptions are more than culinary delights” 
We embody the Caribbeans finest tropical cuisine, with diverse dining options ranging from romantic dinners to relaxed lunch meals. The selection of food captures traditional flavours offering customers a real taste of the tropics throughout.  
Our health-focused Caribbean infused dishes will also cater for vegetarians and vegans with a selection of gluten-free products. 
IRIE & CO's chefs; originating from the Caribbean islands themselves, have a real passion for allowing our customers to experience their home cooked dishes but in a fine dining approach. You can taste the heart and soul within each and every meal. 
0115 8557503 
9 High Pavement, Nottingham, NG1 1HF 
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